Cipher constitutes an ephemeral collective of musicians from New York City who have joined forces to create boundary-challenging "popular" music that is, at once, experimental, personal and yet utterly easy for anyone to enjoy.

Cipher chooses to pervert the pop genre by adding non-traditional instrumentation and spatial, groove-friendly arrangements to melodious compositions. It derives inspiration from a synthesis of rock and the edgy, nuanced confessional of the singer/songwriter. Since Cipher harbors no singular inspiration beyond its' own muse, the best way for the uninitiated to grasp the vibe of Cipher's music is to listen to it. So listen away. And enjoy...
01/ Voyager
02/ D.I.G.
03/ Wild I
04/ Drunk in a New Town
05/ Calusa
06/ Manatee
07/ Stronger Than This
08/ Home
09/ Open Sky
10/ Project Blue